Terms and Rules of the Competition

To take part, everyone who registers and pays, gets the opportunity to select one dog for each heat, in each round of the 2022 Irish Greyhound Derby. Points are allocated to each of the first 3 finishing greyhounds in each race. The player with the most points at the end of the competition wins the top prize.

  • You must register and pay your entry fee by 12 pm (noon) on Aug 19th.
  • Only those who have registered and paid are legible to win any prize.
  • A valid phone number and email address is required for each entry
  • You can have multiple entries. If you buy more than one, you will get a Customer Entry Number for each entry. Your
  • Customer Entry Number is your only unique identifier and will be used to track each entries selections from week to week. It’s up to you to do this correctly, as errors cannot be rectified after the race.
  • All registered entrants will be given a link, so they can submit their selections prior to each round
  • Following the trap draw on Monday 15th Aug, people can submit their selections for the first round. For subsequent rounds the entry form will be open from 1pm on the Monday before racing.
  • In the entry form, for each heat for that round, you will select your favoured trap number. Points are allocated as follows:
    • 6 points for 1st place finish
    • 4 points for 2nd place finish
    • 2 points for 3rd place finish
  • An updated league table will be published on our site and social media at lunchtime Monday
  • The entry with the most points after the final, will be declared the winner.
  • Along with the heats for the derby, additional races will be added in from the quarter final stages on.
  • In the event of a tie, winner will be decided on the most 1st place wins,if still a tie the most 2nds etc.
  • In the event of a race result being a Dead Heat points will be totaled with the next position and halved
    • 1st =6pts + 2nd-4pts =total 10pts so both are awarded 5pts
    • 2nd=4pts + 3rd-2pts = total 6pts so both are awarded 3pts
    • 3rd= 2pts +4th = 0pts total 2pts so 3rd is awarded 1pt
  • In the event of a selection becoming a Non Runner selection goes to a reserve if applicable.
  • The competition organisers have the right to edit and adjust the rules at any given time, without prior warning or consultation.
For thoses with limited online access registration and payment and weekly selections can also be made via 087 1754080 or 0872493983 between 10am and 2pm and between 3pm and 6pm day of race.

#### Make sure to enter your unique Customer Order Number. This is:

-if you have a single entry, your online order number, followed by “-1” eg if your order number is 1234, your unique Customer Entry Number will be 1234-1

-if you have multiple entries, your first entry will be your order number followed by -1, your second entry will be followed by -2 etc, eg 1234-1, 1234-2